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Post Graduate Programme in Finance & Accounting


About Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program

For fresh graduates/Early career professionals with Tech background

100% Job Assurance

Our program comes with a job assurance that offers you 7 guaranteed interviews in leading finance organisations.

Personal Branding

Enhance your professional presence through our personal branding project and LinkedIn challenge, giving you the ultimate advantage in current competitive job market.

Learn Job-relevant Skills

Equip yourself with crucial skills such as financial statement analysis, modelling, valuation, equity research, and transaction execution, along with Excel and PowerPoint.

Learn From The Experts

Learn from the thought leaders in the industry. Gain fresh perspectives, expand your network, and propel your professional growth to new heights.

60+ Industry Projects - Learn by Doing

Our course uses the latest in learning engagement solutions, such as simulation tools that allow learners to experience live happenings at the workplace.

In-class Simulations

Immerse in real-time financial decision-making with our cutting-edge simulations. Acquire hands-on expertise in practical financial modelling for real-world insights.

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Finance and accounting stand as the backbone of any organisation, acting as the guiding compass for pivotal business decisions. This essential function delivers critical data for assessing risks and identifying opportunities. A profound grasp of finance and accounting not only steers organisational decisions but also facilitates optimal resource allocation and future forecasting. Through extensive market research and consultations with our clients, students, and SMEs, we’ve identified a growing demand for skilled finance and accounting professionals.

EduBridge Academy is pleased to introduce its Post Graduate Programme in Finance and Accounting. This program me aims to equip individuals with the expertise needed in finance and accounting processes, accounting standards, financial reporting, and other key concepts. Meticulously crafted, the programme integrates expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology to provide participants with a comprehensive and advanced learning experience.

Learn With A World Class Curriculum

Topics Covered:

✅ Basics of financial accounting

✅ Financial terminologies

✅ Accounting equations and bookkeeping

✅ Accounting principles and conventions

✅ Double-entry system

✅ Rules of debit and credit

✅ Types of accounting functions

✅ Trail Balance

✅ Presentation of financial statements

✅ Disclosure requirements for financial statements

✅ Relationship between IFRS and Ind AS

✅ Introduction to Indian Accounting Standards

  • Ind AS 1
  • Ind AS 2
  • Ind AS 7
  • Ind AS 16
  • Ind AS 38
  • Ind AS 115
  • Ind AS 116

✅ Key accounting concepts

  • Revenue recognition
  • Accounting for Property, Plant and Equipment
  • Tangible vs. Intangible assets
  • Depreciation vs Amortization
  • Accounting for sale or disposal of assets
  • Accounting for Leases

✅ Introduction to financial statement analysis and its applications

✅ Analysis of income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements

✅ Financial analysis techniques – processes, tools and ratios reading audit reports

✅ Sustainability reports

✅ Procure to Pay

Order to cash

✅ Record to report


✅ Goods & Services Tax (GST)

✅ Direct tax


✅ Tally, Quickbooks, SAP
✅ Soft skills

✅ Effective business communication

Tools and Technologies Covered

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We Help You Build Your Career In Accounts & Finance with Our 100% Job Assurance Investment Banking Course