#1 Academy For Digital Marketing In Bangalore*

Be Future Ready, Today!


The Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

A.I Based Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore


#1 Academy For Digital Marketing In Bangalore*

Be Future Ready, Today!


Learn 35+ Modules While Working On Live Agency Projects

A.I Chat GPT & Automations Also Covered !

35+ Modules

"Unlock your potential with our comprehensive range of 35+ modules, tailored for lifelong learners seeking knowledge enrichment."

Lifetime LMS & A.I Based Modules

"Embark on a journey of continuous learning with our Lifetime LMS & A.I Based Modules, revolutionizing education for lifelong growth and success."

120+ Pro Tools

"Elevate your expertise with our vast array of 120+ professional tools, empowering you to excel in your field."

Online & Offline Classes

"Seamlessly blend the convenience of online learning with the engagement of offline classes on our educational platform, empowering you to learn anytime, anywhere."

8+ Live Projects

"Immerse yourself in real-world learning experiences with our dynamic selection of 8+ live projects, designed to sharpen your skills and enhance your portfolio."

100% Placements Within 2 Weeks

"Experience the assurance of success with our educational website guaranteeing 100% placements within just 2 weeks."

Digital Marketing Course Modules Overview

5 Sections | 35 Modules | 120+ Tools | 16+ Certificates

✅ Intro to Digital Marketing 

✅ Canva Graphic Designing

✅ Video Editing

✅Content Writing & Marketing

✅Pod Cast Building

✅ Social Media Page Management

✅ WordPress Website Designing

✅ Influencer Marketing

✅ Search Engine Optimization

✅ Local SEO Mastery

✅ Social Media Paid Ads 

✅ Search Engine Marketing

✅ Display, Programmatic & Native Ads

✅ Content Strategy & Management

✅ E-Commerce Development & Marketing

✅ E-Mail Marketing

✅ Mobile Marketing & App Promotion

✅ Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

✅ Marketing Automation & CRM Building

✅ Web Analytics & Data Analysis

✅ AI & Chat GPT Mastery 

✅ WhatsApp Marketing Automation

✅ Growth Hacking & Funnel

✅ Project Management & Execution

✅ Google Tag Manager 

✅ Advanced SEO Strategies 

✅ Social Media Advanced Tactics

✅ ORM 

✅ Monetization Strategies Personal Branding

✅ Local & International Freelancing

✅ Scaling & Building a Agency

✅ Career Developments

✅ Ethics & Legal Considerations

✅ Emerging Trends

✅ Recap & Review of Key Concepts

✅ Final Project or Capstone Assignments

✅ Assessing Digital Marketing Campaigns 

✅  Portfolio submission and case study presentations 

✅ Exam and Certifications

Tools and Technologies Covered

Our Process

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Gain practical skills to build a concrete foundation for your career & make yourself a valuable asset to any organization.

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Prasad Rajagopal

"This place rocks! Learned so much about digital marketing for real estate. Totally worth it! I wasn't sure what to expect, but course at EduBridge Academy blew me away. Highly recommend!"

Maya Chandrasekhar

Super impressed with the Digital Marketing course at EduBridge Academy! Learned so much in such a short time.

Aravind Srinivasan

"The instructors at EduBridge Academy are knowledgeable and approachable. Really enjoyed the hands-on learning experience. I've recommended to all my friends interested in Digital Marketing. Such a valuable investment for my career."

Maya Chandrasekhar

Digital Marketing course at EduBridge Academy exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to apply what I've learned! Top-notch curriculum. I Feel confident entering the world of Digital Marketing after completing the course.

Ganesh Subramanian

So grateful for the opportunity to learn digital marketing for real estate at EduBridge Academy. Highly recommend!

Devika Iyer

EduBridge Academy's Digital Marketing course helped me level up my real estate business. Can't thank them enough! Thumbs up to EduBridge Academy for their comprehensive Digital Marketing course.

Vivek Ranganathan

Learned more in a few weeks at EduBridge Academy than I did in months elsewhere. Highly recommend their Digital Marketing course! The course is worth every minute. Excited to put my knowledge into practice.

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